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Parenting means you must repeat yourself, without rancor or ill teimper, but with love an gentleness. Prayer is helpful.

Example is most powerful among teachers. Children internalize their parent's opinions and attitudes on topical, historical, and philosophical issues. Even children who later renounce or denounce their parent's positions - by class, ideals, religion, ethics, etc. - still exhibit patterns of expression and behavior that bear striking similarity to their parents.

My conclusion is that if you believe that a certain way of living or acting is best, live it! Your children will take notice. Whether you will have the satisfaction, during your lifetime, of seeing yoru children mature completely ... no, you cannot. It takes a lifetime. they won't be finished until the end of their lives. The best that we can do is to offer our unconditional love, and an example worth following.
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Jewish prayer to mark a transition to something new


Jewish prayer to mark a transition to something new:
"(Blessed are you, God, Ruler of the universe,)
Who gives us life, sustains us, and brings us to this time/season."

It is said at the start of a holiday, to acknowledge the return of the cycle of the year; and even when eating a fruit for the first time in a season or wearing a new set of clothes. - Rabbi Avivah Winocur Erlick
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